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RIO Main Line Cartridge

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RIO Main Line Replacement Cartridge

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Fight the hard-water menace at the source. RIO Mainline Filter’s Point of Entry system conditions hard water and traps sediments

Shields vessels, appliances, and bathroom floors and tiles from the effects of hard water. The anti-scalant layer prevents limescale deposits on tiles and fittings, extending their life.

For best results, use along with CLEO range of products to fortify your home against the effects of hard water. Enhance the efficiency and extend the life of your CLEO Shower/Tap filters and cartridges .

For a 1BHK, replaceable cartridges will last approx 6-9 months. For a single kitchen or bathroom, cartridge should last approx 9-12 months. (*Actual cartridge life depends upon Water Usage and Quality)

Installation at Point-of-entry. Your local plumber should be able to install it for you. Paid Installation Service provided by WaterScience in select cities. Call Toll-Free 8088-033-033

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