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Rainy Rainwater Harvesting Filter FL-300


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  • Suitable up to area: 350 SQMTRS (3000 Sq.Ft)

    Max: Intensity of Rainfall: 75 mm/hr

    Working Principle: Cohesive Force & Centrifugal force

    Operating Pressure: Less than 2 feet of head (0.060kg/cm2)

    Capacity: 340 LPM

    Filter Element: SS-304 Screen

    Mesh Size: 250 Microns

    Inlet: 110 MM

    Clean Water Outlet: 90 MM

    Drain Outlet: 90 MM

    Housing: High-Density Polyethylene

    The efficiency of Filter: Above 90%

    Source of Power: Gravity

  • Additional Information

    The characteristic features of FL Series Dual Intensity RWH Filter is its capacity to take up the load up to 10 to 350 square meters  (3000 Sq.Ft) of Roof area with variable intensity of rainfall of 5 to 75 mm/ hour with a discharge capacity of 10 To 340 Liters per minute. This filter can be conveniently used for Harvesting Rainwater for Individual Households, Schools, Apartments, Institutions, Hospitals and Commercial Buildings of Medium and small sizes.

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